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Ένα blog που αρχικά δημιουργήθηκε τυχαία και για πλάκα το 2009. Στην πορεία άρχισε να μεγαλώνει και να γίνεται ένας μέρος όπου μοιραζόμουν ότι πραγματικά με ενέπνεε και μου ομόρφαινε την καθημερινότητα. Σήμερα μετά από 9 χρόνια το blog μετράει πάνω από 30,000 unique users κάθε μήνα φιλοξενώντας θέματα μόδας, στυλ, ομορφιάς , τάσεις από το χώρο του φαγητού και της διακόσμησης αλλά και συνεντεύξεων με δημιουργούς & Influencers των καιρών μας. 

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A blog, I launched by chance from scratch back in 2009, knowing nothing except of reading fashion magazines and composing articles in Microsoft Word.

Essentially my blog express 90% me. It is a web destination for everybody loving fashion, trends,  looks, jewelry, beauty & elegant living. A genuine escape and kind of a second home. I admire Greek designers and stylish people. They blow my mind and this blog is actually made for them. 

You will rarely see me posing as model with runaway outfits or taking selfies like a little duck. Sure this is not my type and I don't earn trillions to afford that looks!

 I am the person who writes..writes & writes. I want to be behind every great thing. 

Truth is that I have a very basic style, clean outfits and as for my style uniform it is a pair of baggy jeans, white tees with ankle booties or bombastic heels. Black, white and baby blue are my favorite Pantone colors and so I adjust them in my favorite & everyday outfits. 

Well, I also adore jewelry. Jewelry are everywhere ... in my blog & socials. Here you can find pure tet-a-tet jewelry interviews and unique pieces from Greek & International Jewelry creators. 

Since January 2015, I work in the field of Digital Marketing at Amvyx SA 

I am responsible for premium brands such as:

 Moët & Chandon Greece , Stella Artois Greece & Grey Goose Greece


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